hundreds are waiting

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I plan to post a photo of me and my mobile office soon.  It’s a two-wheeled cart with a car battery, bucket, pillow, and computer.  The battery has so much excess power that it’s able to power my computer with no limit, and my neighborhood wifi hotspots are proving to be adequate.  Rain puts special requirements on the places where I call, so Pathmart in Weehawken is great for the large overhang, and several other buildings nearby in the wifi spots have rain protection.  I just scouted a new rain location with wifi, and the retail space is for rent.  Maybe I could cut a deal with the leasing company to help show the space in exchange for a commission on a rental contract.  I could be onsite telemarketing, and keep appointments with people who want to see the space.  Real estate pros waste so much time waiting around to show property, and missed and late appointments are so common, but I could be onsite productive while I wait patiently.  The potential of this mobile office is grande.  I can also make cold calls on car dealers, realtors and tax accountants to solicit referrals for credit repair only I would telemarket at a nearby wifi with a call to solicit them to stop by and talk to me, which makes an on-location cold call without going into their space – muy bueno.  Adam reacted that my mobile office was not as bulky as he expected.  The image of a bucket and car battery is bulky and conspicuous, but I feel transparent pulling it or deployed.  I realize it’s a crazy notion that even one of my readers is thinking, “When do I get to see a photo of the mobile office?”, but I feel pressure as if hundreds are waiting. »» about me, 201-490-9659, debt demonstration,, settled

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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