pile of junk on ebay

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< It feels good to list this pile of junk, happy bidding.  Vivitar magna cam 1025×1 binocular 13mp digital camera, shutter, menu usb, dvd strap, lens cloth, rubber knob cover, usb cable, cd with photo imaging software and driver, pc/mac compatable, Vivitar Newberry Park, CA, vivitar.com, made in China, red plastic ear muffs, Racing Electronics, black noise cancelling headphones, AVID active noice exchange, Apple dock connector to usb, 591g/b, upc 859091195, lx0286011, ma591g/b, Apple dock connector to USB cable, designed by Apple in California made in China, IBM Thinkpad power adapter, Amock, NY, made in China, product number 08k8208, input 100 – 240 V, 1.9amp, 60HZ, output, 16V 4.5 amp, 11s08k8208z1z6mf3ch5r6x, Ibm thinkpad, 2652, IBM, 5344gz, sn ys13c235sdb, 3.7 Samsung av553446gz, bzwsamintbats, aau dc 090813, sn ys1sa138s/dwx1000mah, Samsung battery ab55446gz bzwsamintbats, maadppdc091sasb291sd8, generic battery pack for Kyocera? Vx6100liion37v700mahh4lvx6100, vx3200v8100, battery vx6100liion3.7vmah4lvx6100, VX3200/V8100, lg battery, lithium ion battery3,7v 1000mah, Japan mfg. China, ubpll0081001mmzdc051024, lg l000mah barcode ssbpl0081001lllodc05110b, lg lithium ion battery 1000 mah, bar code sbpbl0081001ammdc060605, Kyocera, dc 100805aaa,bar code 021015610133, 021014610101 bar code, made in the Philippines, cell phones Kyocera meid Kyocera domino, 268435456414102999 meid ha 000004873187, Kyocera domino meid 268435456414141 068 meid 4d7c682f000038953562 20l28 032-1, Kyocera domino 268435 45641414104455meidh a 0000004d73787f00000038774575 20l2803-01 1710 032, Samsung schu350 sku schu350mvfccid 83lschu35, Samsung meid 1d41eca2 telephone 888 987 4357, Samsung Verizon schu350 sku ffcc id a3l 888 967 4357, meid hex a000001ddc1f3c, Samsung model schu350sku sch u350mpc fcc 83lschu350 888 987 4357 09.11 meid 000001dbb5649 Samsun chu350 sku 350 fcc aslchu350, 888 987 4357 meid hex a00001d, lg model vx3300, fcc bejuz3300, sn 507cytb0993985, lg in China vsmhex 1dabba72 brz, model vz 6100 fccid 6100, sn 501ksyu175604 Korea, hex 1fg5brz, power adapters, cigarette lighter cell phone adapter,  >> about me, 201-490-9659 use anonymous2tomdoody@gmail.com as an email address to comment without posting your email address, or login to gmail with password: anonymous123

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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