middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< Dear Shyam: Hana and I enjoyed your Singapore blog post in its entirety.  Our first try was with me sitting and Hana cooking, but even Hana’s traditional-Italian-pace learned in her childhood Miyajima kitchen was too fast for the nice long post, so it went on hold.  Perfect our beach trip included a boat trip long enough for the long blog post, but we would sure be out of range of cell phone towers in New York Harbor, the Atlantic Ocean and Raritan Bay, and cell phone battery is limited, so I downloaded the text to an idle cell phone, and we read it together while sitting in the luxury of Seastreak, and having found the right moment we had the sense your souvenir from Singapore came home to us – thank you.  The fruit that lacerates flesh, the required Buda photo, the pool that measure the time for the return of a lost pool toy – eternity, and our favorite: Singlese.  If you get inspired to record a version of the Singlese I would, with pride, add my compulsory intro and closing, and post it on my youtube channel.  The Singlese seems fun, and I want to hear it, before it fades from your memory, and I think chance listeners would be glad a click brought them to the audio.  Our best from New Jersey to Gurgayon near Delhi, Tom and 花 >>> about me, 866-610-7920, 201-490-9659 use as an email address to comment without posting your email address, or login to gmail with password: anonymous123

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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