New York beach day in New Jersey

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< What’s a secret to New Yorkers?  As I see it, if it’s news to my wife then it’s a secret to New Yorkers.  I delivered a passenger, Mr. Marsh, to Seastreak several months ago.  Mr. Marsh left his coat in my cab, and I sold it on ebay to someone in Hoboken, after getting his permission and returning his Lexus keys.  After a few clicks on the Seastreak website I saved the memory for a warmer day, and yesterday was that day.  My wife and I had our best New York beach day to date at Sandy Hook, New Jersey on the luxury-ride Seastreak.  From boat to bus we packed on with mostly gay men in route for G beach including a man who declared his love for banana nut muffins, “you know how I love bananas”.  Although the bus ride was fun, a full day at the nude beach with our fellow passengers took second place to North Beach.  Great day.  The luxury boat, not true luxury by Hollywood standards, was luxurious compared to LIRR, Metro North, MTA, and other ways to leave NYC.  The overly-chilled interior was too cold for the returned trip, so we opted for the top deck near the AC units, and we sat on skid-proof epoxy-coated steel with many other beach people wanting to extend the beach experience.  Under the Verrazano Bridge, and East of Governor’s Island (first for me and Hana, Statten Island Ferry goes on the West) landed us in the East River at 35th Street after a Wall Street stop. va bene. >> about me, 866-610-7920, 201-490-9659 use as an email address to comment without posting your email address, or login to gmail with password: anonymous123

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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3 Responses to New York beach day in New Jersey

  1. davesn says:

    Hi Tom, sounds like you had a great time. I’m originally from New Jersey, I grew up in a little town (south jersey) called Mays Landing. Do you know that one?


    • Tom Doody says:

      Q: Do I know Mays Landing? A: yes and no. The farmland of the area is familiar, and I know lake Lenape is named after the Native American Tribe who must have lived there. I think I have also passed near on NJT rail from Philadelphia to Atlantic city. I can also understand how my Sandy Hook blog post attracted your comment. Beaches have a way of knitting themselves inside the people who visit as kids and teens. First sex, first drinking, first other things they’re not supposed to do happens at the beach place, and often on the beach. Although this does not describe me, I am familiar with the syndrome. Here’s to the famous New Jersey Shore, and thank you for your comment, David Snape.


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