stop being single

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< A combination of circumstances allowed me to have a great night on the pedicab.  My wife was working late to close one of Bloomingdale’s many sales, so I kept pedaling passed my regular time.  Since it is Saturday I had no reason to delay getting into the city, so I had nearly eight hours of pedaling, which is a lot.  Anyone in sales knows emotional energy depletes before physical energy, and outsiders have reason to think the reverse is true with pedicabbing, but it’s not.  That is until tonight . . . .  I have fine tuned my I attended-charm-school-in-Newark-New Jersey delivery, and it kept my emotional energy undepleted, so I felt like I could keep going and going and going.  I arrived at PABT about an hour before I expected my wife to arrive, so I took a seat at Heartland Brewery instead of the usual homeless dormitory, and Justin served me a beer.  Now I felt great, I was wound up, and I had a great bar tender, but I was still just a guy after work drinking beer and watching baseball, that is, until my wife arrived.  Commitment-phobic guys are naïve, because they have not experience a nice marriage.  Dear kind readers who are single men: Stop being single.  Sincerely,  Tom Doody >> about me, 866-610-7920, 201-490-9659 use as an email address to comment without posting your email address, or login to gmail with password: anonymous123

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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