amnesia about me cab driver

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< Dear Rondregus: A moment ago facebook notified me you like my recent post, and from our conversation you are more hungry than what could be satisfied with a hundred facebook likes, so if you want to take another step, you may consider:  Contacting Daphne and mentioning me.  One would have reason to expect amnesia when referring to a cab driver months ago, but at least two things made the moment memorable: ONE: people tend to remember me TWO: the Daphne circumstances were memorable.  She was with an assistant and hundreds of pounds of clothing in industrial-strength garment bags.  Rodregus: Stop for a moment and imagine this from Daphne’s perspective: she and an assistant need a vehicle, and a van or truck would not seem overkill, and I ride up on a “bike taxi” (I prefer tricycle taxi).  Their first inclination was to pass, but I know better than to abandon them, because regular cab drivers don’t want to haul hundreds of pounds of clothing during rush hour on a seven dollar fare, so cabs were declining them as I watched.  Surrender commenced, and . . . the industrial-strength garment bags were stacked, by me, on their laps until I could only see them from the chin up.  Here is where the magic of the pedicab takes over – given the stress of the moment one could predict a stressed conversation, but we had a normal and nice conversation about her business and her being from Jamaica, the Caribbean Island, and not Jamaica Queens, although both could be true.  Q: Could you approach her many months later, and say you rode in my cab, and get a conversation with her?  A: yes, and could that conversation take place in her studio in the NYC’s garment district?  A: maybe.  You were generous with me when you heard my advice: “Say Alabama, and not Detroit to describe your home, because it makes sense”.  For the same reason you need to convert phone conversations into personal meetings no matter how short and no matter how insignificant, because you’re handsome, and, “model” makes sense.  Here is her website: daphne.  Yours in NYC, Tom >>> about me, 866-610-7920, 201-490-9659 use as an email address to comment without posting your email address, or login to gmail with password: anonymous123

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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