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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< Dear kind person who received a call from me, Tom Doody.  I left my number 866-516-1985.  This marketing campaign that brought my call to your home is intended to present our services in a way the compliments the rate you may be searching for a solution.  I can be reached at:  You may also contact Adam Strum or Maruthi Ram.  Sincerely,  Tom Doody  >>> about me since public speaking, and posting internet comments are two things people fear, I created an email account for readers to use for anonymous comments: gmail, username:, password: anonymous123

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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1 Response to call from 866-516-1985

  1. Maruthiram says:

    Hi tom,

    I have seen all your Email and messages.
    I have also heard the Voices files that how you do the process of debt consolidation .

    Now that am ready to start the process ( Only me initially )
    Do you have any dialer ( soft phone so that i call people about the debt process and find the prospective people for the debt relief program).
    and am waiting for your green flag so that i can start the process.

    About the Debt Relief i wanted to tell you that i have people has call center in my city and if there is any possibility they can dial the process for you and get the perfect customer who needs the debt relief program for your process ( Please let me know if there are any chances).

    And about the, currently there are two technicians where we can troubleshoot the issues of any computer related issues
    Like if a customer has a virus in the computer or installation, email setup and any software installation ( Apart from the hardware troubleshooting).

    We as a complete team can promote the debt process and also the Big Disk Solutions.

    When you promote about the big disk solutions and when a customer calls you stating that he some problem in the computer you transfer the lead to big disk solutions and we take the remote support of the computer and fix it with in 45mins and might take longer time depending upon the issue the customer has.
    So once we fix it , we go head with the payment part which is again depending upon the service
    ( EXAMPLE :Services

    Setup and Installation
    Incorrect installation can cause damage to your PC and connected devices. Let BDS tech experts assist you and ensure a smooth setup and installation.

    Setup & installation services includes:

    Internet & networking
    Computers & laptops
    Printers & scanners
    MP3 Players & digital cameras

    Diagnostic & Repair
    Comprehensive diagnostic and repair service for your PC and connected devices like printers, scanners, routers, digital cameras, MP3 players and over 100 software applications.

    Expert diagnostic and repair services include troubleshooting for :

    Errors, blue screens, incompatibility warnings.
    Data loss and hard drive crashes.
    Virus and spyware removal.
    Windows registry problems and errors.
    Setup and installation of network, devices and software applications.
    Optimization of your PC to keep your system running as fast as possible.

    Secure & Protect
    There are millions of online threats just waiting for an opportunity to get your private information. BDS security experts can minimize the threat that you face daily by optimizing your security software.

    We offer expert security services to protect your PC from:

    Viruses and spyware
    Hacking and phishing
    Browser hijacking
    Malware and pop-ups


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