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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel <<< Dear Brian:  The following two lists are family members on facebook.  The people on the first list are not my facebook friends, and reviewing this list represents some heartache for me, and selected explanations are in my blog.  In general I don’t request the friendship of minors, but I have many exceptions ie. Will Kirk.  Others do not accept my friend request: Steffen, Steffen, and Christa are three examples, which remain unsettling for me.  The people on the second list are my facebook friends.  Here are the two lists: ONE: Steffen Meiler, Steffen Meiler, Brad Higginson, Nancy Coney Forhan, Christa H Meiler, Marty Doody Post, Rosemary Post, Margaret Doody, Beth Halley, Meghan Halley, Erin Doody, Ryan Doody, Kevin Doody, Anne Kolker Doody  TWO: Brian Twohey, Briana Twohey, Brogan Graham, Charlie Twohey, Chris Forhan, Colleen O’Keeffe, Daniel Birk Graham, David Doody, Drew Forhan, Ellen Doody Halley, Erin Higginson, Hajime Miyajima, Hana Miyajima, Jack Higginson, Joe Rachor, John O’Connor, Kate Gregg, Kathleen Twohey, Kay Wilson, Kelly Twohey, Kevin C. Twohey, Laura Halley, Martha Doody, Morgan Kirk, Nelson Graham, Phil Halley, Steve Stevenson, Will Kirk >>> since public speaking, and posting internet comments are two things people fear, I created an email account for readers to use for anonymous comments: gmail, username: anonymous2tomdoody, password: anonymous123

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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