not real heat

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel — Dear Mike Pedo of New York Golf: Your use of the word “absolved” was perfect, and it put my, kindergarten-like-facebook lesson behind me. Our relationship is a combination of friend, co-worker, and on occasion like the one recently passed, you speak with boss-like authority. I am not on your payroll, but yet I lose a job-like relationship if were were to break what we’ve created, so thank you for recognizing your authoritative position. Sincerely, Tom Wearing: FootJoy, Callaway, Greg Norman, RLX today for the golf store. Yesterday I debut my, “St. Andrews” sign. It was too busy with Friday rush hour for any need to depend on it to solicit passengers. The sign is a weather-proof readable 22-point-text menu with the restaurant name on the flip side. I claim it’s the only menu that can be read on restaurant row after dark without a flashlight and reading glasses. Although the debut is behind me knowing the sign’s value remains ahead of me. I had a passengers whose father has a Frank Gehry house in Minnesota, and she recently met Frank Gehry. Also, slightly archived, I had a passenger who knows the dog from the Sex in the City movie, the one that was seen doing the sexual humping. The dog does it on cue when told to dance by it’s trainer. The dog is retired from its days of any real sexual heat. Pedaling in cold rain and snow today — va bene.

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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