LPGA and pedicab

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel — Dear Donna Orender: I read about you and your new LPGA challenge in Stacy Solomon’s blog. I am a NYC pedicab driver and a blogger with some demonstrated ability to sustain readers. Some of my services that may benefit the players seeking guidance from you include: ONE I could pedal a player from a hotel to an event TWO I could deliver a player to a restaurant including my, “table is ready service” THREE I could give a player and her husband or a couple family members a Central Park tour. My table-is-ready service is where I step into the restaurant while my passengers wait in my cab to be sure the table is ready. Por supuesto, her LPGA status would be known prior to entry. There is some magic in a pedicab ride related to the ability to create an experience that is nice and memorable, so compared to a Yellow cab from GCT to a nearby hotel, I can create a fun event complete with blogging instead of a forgettable cab ride. Imagine a LPGA player visiting New York City for a public event, and, “even the cab driver writes about her” appears in some press release reporting the success of the event. As always celebrities get my dollar price. Please consider my services. Sincererly, Tom Doody

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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