modern-day VIPs

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel — Dear Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss:  I contacted you when I began as a NYC pedicab driver, which is what I am doing today.  Since our first contact I have been recognized by New York Golf Center as an effective promoter of their store, and I am planning to add a second business to promote as part of my pedicab driving.  I chose Saint Andrews restaurant and bar, Times Square, Manhatten, NY:, and I plan to bring celebrities into the bar, and in this text I am making my first invitation to the two of you.  You have everything I am seeking: Olympic accomplishments, Hollywood exposure, and online popularity.  It is the online popularity (flat-world celebrity status) that is of primary importance.  Back in the day, select few people could write his or her experience in a bar or restaurant, and have it considered by many people — these privileged writers were often major-publication food critics.  However, today you and your brother have thousands of followers online, and your experience in Saint Andrews can easily influence many others.  Restaurants are happy to give special attention to people with abilities to influence many others, but given the nature of online popularity, restaurants rarely know whose ass to kiss.  I would customize this to fit your needs, but my first proposal is to announce you a day or two in advance online and with a call or a visit to Saint Andrews, and then I would deliver you there at your convenience.  It’s is easy for any staff member to know, the handsome tall twins with the pedicab driver wearing cigarette’s on his helmet are the special guests.  As with all of my celebrities, you get my celebrity discount, which is one dollar.  It often takes time for good ideas to be accepted, but I am giving you the opportunity to snatch this idea first, which would give you future bragging rights, You would have cause to say, “I knew this was a good idea immediately”.  You can reach me at:, 866-516-1985, or I follow each of you on twitter, NYC_trike.  It would please me to hear from you without undue delay.  Sincerely,  Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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