Chris’s no-pork diet

Dear Chuck:  Today I head to NYC for a day on the pedicab, and having hurricane Irene made the occasion to call you easy, and reading your message now will send me through the Lincoln Tunnel with special momentum — de nada — gracias.  Be assured reaching out to a person at a time of high trauma is not a charitable effort, rather it is natural, and on occasion it yields much more for me than I could ever give someone else.  I talked to John Patton after we talked, and I wrote to Chris McDonnell.  Even though each of us have had periods of reduced significant social engagement, it makes me laugh that each of us has been in touch with Chris McDonnell.  His magnetism for trouble, his realized trouble in Germany, his foreign marriage, his conversion to Islam, his no-pork diet, and his foreign residency all point to him going off the radar, but yet he’s been an ace for each of us.  Although you and I have been out of touch with one another, you have never seemed distant, and I credit Chris for keeping us close.  Sincerely,  Tom

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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