gtalk chat with Jin Diwakar, Mr. Kazama

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel — Dear Jin Diwakar: The following is our gtalk from today.  It was productive, so I wanted it in my blog.  JIN: hi there, me: hola,  JIN: how r ya, me: great, you? JIN: awesome me: digame
JIN: sorry me and hari couldn’t followup on the telemarketing. the past week had been pretty hectic me: I understand it remains open JIN: we checked out the videos and listened to your audio files as well me: ok what do you think you need before you make your first call? JIN: the videos were pretty informative as far as using the software is concerned me: k JIN: n your calls were enough for us to understand about the calls, but still it would be better if we had a documented guideline for us to refer something that we could use as snippets of information me: like rebutals? yes? JIN: yes
me: script (as I gave it to you) and rebutals are part of the five9 campaign in other words what you are asking for is in the software it give the words to say screen by screen JIN: oh great then that’s perfect me: yes when I call like now I never have paper or reference text when I telemarket
even when I was a novice had no reference materials with me, because it’s all in five9 JIN: so its not that complicated or anything right me: all the words are in five9 JIN: great then and we are ready to start from Wednesday me: it is established successful campaign that has been tweeked and improved over at least a year JIN: oh
me: basic skill and training is all that is needed the people with more advance training are the people we transfer to
JIN: great great me: basically it saves
the inefficiency of having people with advanced training from cold calling
We’ve had some people make their first call after just 15 minutes of observation
but that’s how you can train the second Indian in-person observation is the easiest way to train JIN: true so when can i get access to the software PM i mean if i get it today i could start getting the hang of using it before i actually start working on it me: yes
PM A-22 and A-23 are the seats designated for Adam and me and anyone calling for us
JIN: ok me: I use A23 and with only a few exceptions I am the only one to
use A-23 so I can get you an hour on A-23
when I break for lunch in about two hours
or we can get you scheduled for a longer time on A-22 What is your preference? JIN: can u call me now? me: yes un momenito por favor JIN: sure  The preceding gtalk chat was followed with an hour phone call, and you and Hari are ready to call on Wednesday

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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