Dear Iman

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel — Dear Mr. Iman (Bacodari) Barkhordari:  Thank you for accepting my friend request.  I am searching for a NYC real-estate professional, and your profile was found by a cut and past of your professional email address into the facebook search.  I have a plan to promote my website with dual purpose.  First, it is recreational for me as a recreational blogger, and second my campaign is designed to attract Manhattan apartment hunters.  A link to a real-estate professional who can serve these apartment hunters has commercial potential, and if realized it will be used for future campaigns.  In other words, the real-estate professional linked to my website will potentially benefit from my promotion with no obligation.  Yes, free targeted website traffic of what I estimate to be 1000 visits per day by August.  The connection between your professional profile and your facebook profile is easy to find, and you blend your presentation together effectively giving me the feeling I have right now, which is enough information to give me a sense of who you are while fueling curiosity.  What was Beverly Hills High School like, and is Persian and Farsi written with the same alphabet? Are two of a hundred questions that come to mine.  Your professional profile describes you as a go-to man for everybody, and a person of gentle persuasion, which leaves me expecting to be treated with respect if I were to call you.  The primary goal of my trial period is to test if 1000 website visits a day can convert into phone calls with a real-estate professional, and I think the likelihood of success given your online presentation is very good.  I will write a short paragraph on a transition page between a link on my mainpage, and you.  The text would tell visitors they can expect a seamless transition between Iman online and Iman, and I have good reason to expect a brief phone call with you will support a statement of this nature.  In other words, my research is nearly complete, and I only need a confirmation phone call and your approval.  Can I call you?  Sincerely,  Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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