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Dear Drew:  Thank you for the reply.  My most recent visit to Sarasota was years ago when Uncle Joes’s wife, Rosemary, was alive, my dad was dead, and I was married to my ex-wife, Angie — maybe 1999.  You had a place on the beach, and Hana and I prefer this to Uncle Joe’s.  My life in New Jersey and New York has reinfoced my pattern not to use cars.  Neither Hana nor I have a car, and I go for long periods of time without driving one.  With that said, it is a mild perference for no cars, and I know a florida vacation needs car travel to the store, but if we could walk to the beach it would be best.  My attraction to Uncle Joe and someplace where family is established it part of my draw to Sarasota, so visiting Uncle Joe and maybe seeing other family members as they visit Sarasota is part of my attraction, but I prefer the place I remember as yours in 1999.  Also, Hana is my wife of five years, but she is a stranger to Doody people, and my relationship with my sisters (sister-in-law and ex-wife included) is not warm and comfortable, so having your place, and knowing I am not occupying Uncle Joe’s would be more comfortable for me.  I’ll talk to Hana tonight, and let you know about our preferred specific dates.  Sincerely, Tee

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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