dad management

I don’t fully understand my motives, but when I have newsworthy events in my life, like getting married and going to jail, I distribute the news to bring focus on my son(s).  For example, when I married in 2006: I notified my son via postal letter; I told no family members; I told no long-term friends.  A month later my late son, David, asked me, “Don’t you think you should tell Grandma?”  “Yes”, was my answer, so I did moments later.  My news-event distribution pressured my late son, David, to ask me a question, which is a violation of the spirit of, “Dad Management”  I did this again with my overnight stay in Midtown North NYPD jail.  The day I was released, I told: John Patton, Brian Twohey, and my teenage son only.  I estimate my teenage son must want to know more, but he declined to question when I prompted him, and he remains silent on the subject.  Now I sit at home after making my final pre-holiday telemarketing call smiling and wondering if my teenage son will ever ask me about my incarceration.  Time will tell.  The link above is a link to my blogger-life-to-date most popular post.  The clicks for that day reached well into the triple digits.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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