first day without Oprah

Yesterday’s was Oprah’s final show, and this morning I sit quietly at home as my wife commutes to Soho, and another hour needs to pass before I can telemarket.  Knowing my teenage son and daughter attended Beth’s wedding gave me clarity.  I know now that a sense of permanence is why I press to have my teenage son and daughter remain active with my side of their family.  Timing bundled the crash of my food science career and the death of my late son, David.  In these dark moments I searched with a sense of despair for what had not vanished.  One that comes to mind is the renewed connection with Cindy in Cleveland, and knowing she had not vanished allowed me to catch my breath –  whew not all was lost.  The friendships of former fellow employees of my former employers, and the membership with family and friends of my first marriage were checked.  The friends of that marriage had more to do with common membership than with friendship so little remains, but family had not vanished.  I needed to tap a different root or branch, but the vitalizing power of family remained in abundant supply.  It is clear to me at this moment that what I want for my teenage son and daughter is a sense of permanence.  Their mother’s membership in their dad’s side of their family will not be terminated just because their mother is no longer married to their father, and even though my late son, David, was a pillar of strength to them — other places of strength remain.  Permanence.  Oprah brought a sense of security in her show, and those viewers who feel less secure today than yesterday are sure to find her successor.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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