When I pedal, I tweet.  This is a new practice since I got a new PCS phone, and I expect to continue.  I have a few volunteer followers, and I plan to begin inviting followers this week.  In addition to watching the facebook movie, my wife and I caught up on a few of the Mark Zuckerberg interviews we missed.  Privacy will continue to be a problem for facebook, because their users are entering information into facebook, which is an overt statement of something less than a take-to-the-grave secret, but when users feel embarrassed they blame facebook.  Secrets should be kept off of the internet.  Garry commented on one of my recent blogs, and advised me not to pour my heart out on the internet.  It seems he was uncomfortable with my openness, and it has me thinking.  My blogging got its start during the recovery from my late son’s, David’s, death, which anyone can understand, but now I give a card to my pedicab passengers and they find themselves reading with reactions like Garry.  Is this happening?  Yo no se.  I am inspired to find the Harvard rowing twins and invite them to a NYC pedicab ride.  Maybe they’ll be my first blog interview.  My wife and I had a nice trip into the city today including coffee at 21 Irving Place, and Chipotle Union Square.  We had dinner last night with Linda from Bloomingdale’s at Kang Suh on thirty second street near Broadway.  Nice time.  Urs Fischer’s Teddy Bear with Lamp Dissecting Head is now temporarily installed in front of the Seagram’s building on Park Avenue.  Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson are credited with the design of the Seagram’s Building.  The ESPN Store on Times Square and the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue closed.  My Italian passengers were my favorite.  When I listed the department stores, I got, “Which one is the best?”  Clement, the Austrian sharing living space with my wife and I is good.  Our landlord solicited me for a new tenant to fill a property opening next month in West New York, New Jersey.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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