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Today I mailed a thank you note to Johanna for helping me reach my 1996 born son.  Even though her prompt attention was a great help to me at a moment of crisis, my feelings of gratitude were buried under my contempt for the people in my kid’s community, but the troubled feelings passed making a sincere “thank you” easy to write.  Tonight my solicitation for passengers advanced.  For example, my first passenger came off the Eighth Avenue Penn Station cab line, following a laugh when I suggested “you people seem to have an intense allegiance to yellow cabs, maybe you have friends, relatives who drive yellow cabs”, I suggested.  Also, later: me: I am a pedicab driver, where are you going? Prospective passenger (PP): I’m fine.  Me: I am sorry, I forgot my manners, how are you . fine, I’m good too. I am a pedicab driver, where are you going?  PP told me her destination with a smile.  Adam will join me at Columbus Circle to solicit for park tours.  He does not have his license yet, but he will be able to send tourists with me or other pedicab drivers.  I am declaring my all-time favorite movie is, “The Kids Are All Right”, which my wife saw for the first time this week.  It gives an overdose of sex without distracting from its cohesive plot.  The brief struggle between relationships had biological pulling away from the loyalty-based time-tested relationship, and these characteristics are more likely to be found pulling in the same direction.  Finally, the commitment-phobic man ends the movie without a relationship, which is appropriate.  The movie, Social Network is bad.  More and more it seems movies are based on a true story or inspired by a true story, and this blurs the lines between documentaries and Hollywood.  Since I would like to know the real story of facebook, and last night I was fed a Hollywood fabrication leaving me with a cloud of doubt that has a negative effect on my sense that I know anything about the making of facebook.  To give one sensational example, the hot Asian students giving the nerdy guys blow jobs in the restroom stalls did not happen . . . so I am told by Adam it did . . . It did not happen in that way.  The fashion, age and sexually aggressive behavior was many times beyond what could possibly be expected from nineteen-year-old Asian girls studying at Harvard.  In summary, since I judge the accuracy of this stall scene near zero, I trust nothing else in the movie.  However, I did like Justin Timberlake, but I always like Justin Timberlake.  Also, some of the sharp tongue scripting for the main character during discovery was excellent.  The ride of the night was the CT woman who went to the show of Earl Kerkum who was a Jackson Pollock and William DeKooning buddy, and my passenger knew William DeKooning.  The show was in a warehouse area East of the USPS mail sorting facility at 27th Twelfth Avenue, and the only appealing thing about this area is that it is Manhattan, and it seems this borough is required to have a successful show of high-status art.

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