I passed two angry cab drivers with my Cherry Hill, New Jersey passengers on their way to Hudson Terrace, and together we witnessed two cab drivers exchanging obscene gestures, and threatening one another with foul language.  The man in my cab found it funny, because the most visible of the tangling duo was overweight and old enough to pose little threat.  For example, if I had been the target of his anger (aside from him having a gun, which he probably didn’t) I would have not felt threatened, because I could have run out of his reach in a few steps.  The woman in my cab did not find it funny, and she did not find it funny that her husband was enjoying the moment, so there I am pedaling alongside angry cab drivers with a dueling couple in my cab — this was not funny.  Until this morning images of the angry cad drivers returned to mind, and the old guy with a large belly and breasts raising his fist and shouting “eff you, I’ll kick your a..”  The man in my cab was right, this was funny, but the moments ability to make me smile was delayed.  The nice father and his twelve-year-old daughter were my favorite passengers last night.  I got them out of the Grand Hyatt cab line, which is like eating spaghetti through a straw, and we were mobile in moments toward Morimoto at Eighth and 16th Street.  This was a golden moment for the dad who was accompanied on a business trip by his daughter, and they had time for recreation including Central Park, and the nice dinner planned for Morimoto.  What a great deal!  I get included for about thirty minutes of transportation and bonus tour directing — grazie kind dad and kind daughter from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. גרשמפסח says:

    “eff you, I’ll kick your a..”


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