marriage is for everyone

I sometimes surprise myself when I am quick to write in this blog that a couple in my cab should marry, but I am also quick to blog that a couple should unmarry.  After five years of marriage with my second wife and two decades total, I realize I am an advocate of marriage.  I am also one who is quick to say commitment phobia should end.  The couple described here did not get one of my cards, so there is no chance they will read these words knowing they are being described, so here goes . . tonight I sat near a couple burning time like me at PABT, Manhattan, New York, and it seemed like years of marriage had allowed any reason to smile to bleed from their lives, so there the four of us sat (a twenty something daughter too) uninspired and thoroughly bored as the minutes ticked away.  New York Times released survey results in 1927 showing Little Women was the top book for teenagers.  This is also the year my dad was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and his older sisters were girls less then ten years of age.  Those girls became traditional-age mothers and each of them named a daughter after a character in the book.  My cousin, Beth, told me this, which took me to the library today, and this weekend my wife and I will begin reading the American classic, Little Women.  My best ride tonight was a Connecticut women who I took home (other home is in Connecticut) to Central Park South, and among a series of great topics I asked her what I will ask my mother this weekend: Please comment: Liz Taylor.  My prompt was followed by a spontaneous and sincere, “terrific”.  She went on to describe her love of men and diamonds with a casual style that might have been used for a neighbor or friend.  Later, I learned the Tagalog word, which was used in a series to move a brother and husband into my cab, “cige . . cige  . . . cige”, said the woman from the Philippines.  Phil Lesh and Bob Weir are at Radio City Music Hall for two more nights, and the show is sold out.  Queens of the Stone Age were at a theater near John Jay College, and the Nicks were at MSG.  The new Hoboken resident should marry the woodsman.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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