hunters and gatherers

My high school friend, Mike Maroon, used the phrase, “hunters and gatherers” to describe New York men, and I think the nuance of his meaning captures how I use it today.  In a hunter-and-gatherer civilization no member has time for lofty thoughts like what began to be common during Europe’s renaissance, and instead prettiness and greed prevails.  With a few exceptions, fellow pedicabers are hunters and gatherers.  Like the pedicaber who got a ticket today on 42nd, and it triggered a mini celebration at the cab line for GCT.  People enjoyed his penalty with fervor like he would have enjoyed theirs.  Another pedicaber pedaled by me and insulted me with a foul word.  He returned my look, but he declined to expand.  My favorite passenger tonight was the Ranger’s fan who smoked a cigar, and found my cab knowing he would not have to extinguish.  I’ll begin calling with greater regularity next week for debt clients since I expect to have batteries for back up, and a little more time.  Clement moves into the second bedroom of this apartment I share with my wife.  I left a message for my cousin, Beth, today explaining I wish I would not have asked for her help telling my first wife about the press my sister, Ann, received.  I have been successful in part through focusing on my life and letting relationships of others develop or decline without me.  I learned from Beth that she and Amy were named after characters in the book, “Little Women”, so I am going to the Union City Library to borrow it.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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