Daphanie larger sizes

A google search for Daphne larger sizes will find the website of Daphnie Dawkins who was in my pedicab today http://www.daphnelargersizes.com/index. Ms. Dawkins was calling for a cab on Sixth Avenue with her assistant and two very heavy garment bags of clothing. I delivered the two people and clothing to the design studio where inspiration and threat and cloth come together. She is another example of a hard working creative person in the fashion industry. My wife is at my side speaking Japanese with her aunt who is visiting her son (my wife’s cousin) in LA, and they are the only family in a callable time zone who could give an update about family in Japan and the natural disaster(s). Everyone is OK in Kobe and Tokyo. My final passenger tonight was my best. He is a Korean entrepreneur who was visiting York, Pennsylvania, and successfully negotiated an exclusivity agreement with the York manufacture of wall covering, and now he is assured of being the only supplier of these products in South Korea. He is the nicest guy I can imagine, and I hope to hear from him again. He had time to burn before his Midnight flight to South Korea, so we went to Times Square and had coffee together, and then we returned to Penn Station for his luggage, and finally to PABT, Manhattan, New York where I left him waiting for the every-fifteen-minute-twelve-dollar bus to JFK. I usually only transport, but on this occasion I accompanied, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of my long and drawn out solicitations including stepping away, and returning and saying, “you’re still here, I thought you were in a hurry” Por supuesto, the yellow cabs did not rescue them, so . . . . she works at Club Monaco, and he is a chef, and I invited him to leave a comment and link on my blog. Even though transporting a chef does not allow me to give him a strong endorsement, I can imagine someone clicking and calling him first. Why not? I talked to my former brother-in-law today, because my ex-wife tried to communicate with me directly. She can use the court, child support, her lawyer, a family member or friend, but I prohibit direct communication with me. Although Luke does not understand my request, he agreed to be the messenger. Adam settled a Chase debt for a client in Arizona, and the payments to us and the creditor have been made. Chase does not recognize third parties, but in this case they made an exception, because Adam described his relationship with the client as a friendship. Chase in effect say, “oh, you’re a friend, so we’ll accept the money and mark the account paid”. If your relationship was professional, then we’d deny” Stupid Chase. I ask myself, “Why would anyone buy from Daphne’s website or the chef who I invited to post on my site based on my reference. I am only a cab driver and these people only rode in my cab, but at least my readers have this bloggers account of their existence. So even through the chef has not cooked for me, he is credible, because I delivered him to Chelsea Market. In other words, he did not have grease under his finger nails; he did not wear a mechanics union suit; I did not deliver him to Autozone. I can also say he is a nice guy. Dear kind readers who have ridden in my cab: There are a lot of people who sell clothing on the internet, and there are a lot of people who cook in New York, so if you have ridden in my cab, and you know these people also rode in my cab, then why not start with the chef or Daphne? Sincerely, Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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