Dave Lipinski and _________ . . . maybe you?

Dear kind facebook friends and readers:  Dave Lipinski is a friend from college in Columbus, Ohio at Ohio State University.  He went to work then for Oracle, and I understand he continues his work for this company today.  My knowledge of Oracle is light, but I know it is related to computer programming.  I am going to contact Dave to see if he can point me in a better direction to begin a business link for some developers in India who program games.  These Indians are seeking a business link to the US for their well-developed and supported programming resources.  I am sure Dave Lipinski will take my call on this subject, and old-fiends-let-too-much-time-pass call.  Is there anyone else who would take a call from me on this subject?  A “like” of this post, will generate a contact from me.  Sincerely,  Tom Doody  Today was the happiest President’s Day in memory.  It began with me posting from Las Chicas on Bergenline Avenue, Union City, New Jersey and buying water at the Water Store, so I took the opportunity to practice, “feliz dia day los presidente’s” to each neighborhood person I saw, and many neighbors responded enthusiastically, “egualmente”.  To Bergenline East with my wife only to say, “ciao”, and return home to get my helmet, and board the 156 as it passed my home, and, yes, I saw my wife by chance at PABT, Au Bon Pain.  This day was off with a charm, and I headed to board my trike with high expectations.  My first passenger was a man with a traditional Indian sounding name like, “Refik” (maybe) who described himself as a journalist.  He interviewed me, and maybe I’ll have the interview posted on my website.  He has my contact information, but I do not have his, so . . so . . if nothing . . then . . nothing.  Cold, windy, and a holiday makes for poor pedicabing, but I did manage to snag a Texan couple from MOMA, and give them my When-Harry-Met-Sally-which-side-of-Manhattan-was-this-picuture-taken-from tour, but it got cut short with a flat tire, and today’s pedicabing ended with a long walk pushing my trike back to storage near Penn Station, so a charmed beginning then a flat tire left me looking for a charmed close and it came with a hour-long conversation with Mike Glancy in Fremont, Michigan.  Years have passed . . his wife, Pat, survived cancer (unexpected) my late son died (unexpected).  The news of Pat’s health will have me smiling for some time, because the news of her cancer was tangled with my recovery from my late son’s death, which was a time when good mortality news seemed out of reach.  Mike Glancy held a subordinate level job to a job I held for two years at Gerber, which was a measure of my food science high-water mark.  His star-studded career as a scientist and his multi-million dollar cost savings at Anheiser Bush is one of the many reasons I drink The King of Beers today, now, in fact.  Again, I opened with many high-spirited, “feliz dia de los presidentes”, and closed with a nice long conversation with Mike Glancy — ah . . grazie presidenti degli Stati Uniti.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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