$250 million

My favorite passenger tonight was Jessica, my favorite couple was Bosh and his woman from the Bronx, and my best ride was Kevin. My mind is on overdrive with the opportunity at Kevin’s fingertips. His Indian parner and his German partner are having some trouble reconciling a pledge by the German to bring a 250 million investor to their hedge fund that will not be realized. The German was to buy business cards, but didn’t. Should the India and Kevin believed the 250 million story, or was this far more than anyone ever brings to a new hedge fund? Should the German be responsible for buying business cards, or should the trio have trusted somone else to get the cards? A delay on business cards can only be credited to the buyer wanting them to be right, but off target would have been better than none. I solicited Kevin to let me get on the phone with these two individually, and maybe together, so maybe time will be favorable to my proposal. Jessica was my favorite, because of the remarkable maturity she has for a woman of her age. Her birth year is the same as my late son’s, David’s, so she was of special interest to me. I deliverd her to a modeling studio, Milk, on 15th between Nineth Avenue and Tenth Avenue where she is busy with Fashion Week. My Valentine’s Day couples went to TGI on Times Square, Time Warner Center, and an Italian restaurant on sixth at 108 Sixth Avenue, Manhattan, New York. My wife showed our room for rent to Steve tonight — maybe, and she made an appointment with Celine for Wednesday. I had doubts, but now I am sure it will rent at our listing price in time. Compliments of Ella, I retieved a singned contract from a Russian medical person at one of the Roosevelt Hospital buildings, which was less than an hour that should exceed what I made all night. Also, I had a passenger, Pamela, convert to a lead, but then she did not answer her phone. She is my third lead from pedicabing, and Lou was my first, and Leslie was my second. I should call each of the three tomorrow. I used my former mother-in-law story described in a recent blog post with Kevin to illustrate trauma that passes quickly. I would be more sure I was right to say the former mother-in-law trouble had passed if I had forgotten it with Kevin, and I was not writing about it now. Oh well, it was recent, so maybe I should be easier on myself. I am at Las Chicas Panaderia, Union City, New Jersey at 47th and Bergenline. Angel called this morning from our craigslist listing, and my wife will call him for an appointment to see our place.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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