bravo Eataly

A pedicab passenger, Andrea, who made a point on her trip from Pennsylvania to visit Eataly made me click, read and look at some pictures, and I expect to visit sometime in the weeks ahead. “slow cook superstore” Eataly claims, which is a contradiction in terms the way my wife and I see it. Slow-cook registered is a distinction some Italian restaurants promote with pride, and it is a national reaction to a population feeling attacked by the contamination of Italian culture by fast food. In other words, we (Italians) hate the introduction of McDonalds. If so, why do Italians find themselves at McDonalds, and the success of the fast-food giant spreads like gorgonzola on a cracker? Okay, we (Italians) must surrender and find a new strategy, which means we’ll make a special notation for restaurants who do it the traditonal Italian way, so “slow cook” in this context is the salvation of Italian culture, and should not be joined with “superstore” in a phrase. At least in Italy, but 23rd Street and Broadway is in Manhattan, New York, and not in Italy, so “slow cook” can be joined with “superstore” without it being an attack on Italian culture — bravo Eataly.

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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