business plan

Dear Adam: I expect this text to serve as an outline of the business plan expected of us. The cover letter should include direct answers to the questions asked of us even if the same answer is part of our business plan. To date this includes: failure to pay and unauthorized practice of law. The flow diagram should have a cloud shape, circles, a square for DYFY and lines connecting shapes. I imagine the cloud at the bottom representing the general population, and a line going up to a square and continuing up to a circle that represents clients, and this three-shape two-line section will represent our acquisition process. A DRFY square would be on the diagram a second time in the top portion with a circle representing creditors, and the same circle from the bottom section representing clients. These three shapes will be arranged and connected to look like a triangle, and the text will describe our process of client servicing and settling. The diagram could represent the bank or a trust bank, but I prefer to keep the diagram simple, and describe the cash movement in text only. I do not have an image of the financial presentation in format, but I can imagine how to calculate cash flow. To do this I’ll need what you think a group of ten typical clients look like with the rate of saving (include those clients with a lump sum), and creditors with expected delinquency needed for settlement. I’ll let a spreadsheet random number generator choose which client enrolls first, and calculate the fees generated with advancing weeks in business. Since you and I will not be an expense of the business initially, then all cost of the business will be acquisition costs. With the exception of the Friday-client-maintenance day all of our costs will be directed at acquisition until you and I decide to have someone else make settlements. To summarize cash flow, I’ll calculate weekly fee collection based on typical clients, and this will be compared to acquisition costs to calculate cash flow. Sincerely, Tom

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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