Happy New Year

A photo card of Jesper Parnevik and Camilo Villegas sits on the Las Nueva Cachita table at my side. Somehow Garry got the idea it would be acceptable for him to stop at my home last night to get my driver’s license for the Cablevision appointment today, but he overestimated my commitment to resuming his service. After receiving a November 4 court summons, Ms. Fashion contacted me, and today a payment will be made through Adam’s and my Capital One business account to the law firm of Ruben and Rothman for final settlement of her delinquent credit-card debt with a sixty percent payment. The offer letter also includes text explaining the record of legal action will be erased. I heard a man say, “yes, your honor” many times on his phone well after business hours last night at a Capital One ATM. I was careful to get his permission to ask a legal question when he was finished, and then this Alaska attorney proceeded to be rude in a stereotypical-lawyer-working-without-pre-payment manner. I was childhood friends with the current AG of Alaska, Danial Sullivan, and I wish I had remembered to drop his name in an attempt to transition the Alaska attorney from his rudeness back to his, yes-your-honor manner. Knowing the AG of ones own state could be useful many times, and a neighboring state AG could be useful a few times in a lifetime, but knowing the current AG of Alaska will probably only be useful once in a lifetime, and I missed it. Although this will pass in a few keystrokes, at this moment I feel terrible for missing this opportunity of a lifetime. Shakira plays on the jukebox – fantastico. A talked to John Patton late last night, and I am still smiling about it. His brother is a grandfather and his sister is a grandmother. While filming his daughter on ice skates, he fell to the ice breaking his shoulder, but sparing his iphone, and he is currently under strict doctor orders to keep the bones in place to avoid surgery. The cablevison service man just called, so he should hook up with Gary soon. The USPS mail is already sorted at the UPS store in Jersey City, so I am moving on . . . After flipping through the jukebox and asking for help from my waitress and then a fellow elevator passenger on our way to this 150 foot subterranean Bergenline Avenue station, Union City, New Jersey I now know Sakira was sining, “Si ti vas”, which means go or goodbye, but I don’t know the context. Probably ciao to and another pitiful manly broken heart. Angel at cablevision reports being able to complete service at Garry’s today. I have my pedicab license. Off to Manhattan. Dear Nancy: One of my more recent family status changes is now about a decade old, and I began to sense one target would be to move from the mother’s side of Dan and Brogan’s family to the father’s side, but I am only one party. After I let go another party had to let go, and the third party needed to reach out, and I feel that happened during a holiday greeting exchange with your brother, Nelson, so as 2011 opens I want to wish you and yours a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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