2011 looks bright

I am at La Nueva Cachita, which is my replacement for San Chochos, a neighborhood restaurant, which closed months ago, and I prefer Cuban to Colombian food, so this is good, but I do miss the arepa de chocolo. I am wearing classic mens wool dress pants that I washed by hand. Including trivial domestic-task news in my blog spares the people around me from hearing this in person – thank you kind readers. Garry has an appointment tomorrow to begin cable service at his apartment in my name, which adds a second service address to my account with cablevision, and I don’t have a TV. Adam has an appointment with Ms. Fashion in Soho to get a check for her debt to Capital One, which includes our fee. Adam will deposit the teller check today, which is expected to clear mañana, and then the amount that equals a 60% settlement will be transferred to Ruben and Rothman to pay Ms. Fashion’s Capital One debt. Adam negotiated for Harry-Potter-like action to be conducted by Ruben and Rothman, so Ms. Fahsion’s public record of the Capital One law suite vanishes. Adam and I performed for this client promptly, and she appreciates it. Adam just reported receiving the check. There is a woman on this 159 bus bitching about everything. She is in her third seat in ten blocks of slow-bus movement. The target of her blasts are people on the cell phone and the driver, because there are no seats, it smells like cigars, and it’s too hot. Her hairstyle, earrings, and association with this neighborhood tells me she is Puerto Rican, but I can’t be sure. A repeat theme for me in my blogging is the entertaining performances of people who might be crazy. Por supuesto, if they are crazy it’s not funny, but I think this woman would be denied admittance to a state-run mental hospital. She has been quiet for five blocks, lo siento, the performance is over. We have moved off the very slowly moving Begenline Avenue to the moving slightly faster section in from of the Union City Post Office and the crazy women put herself back in the spotlight. Among the rudely delivered, “excuse me; excuse you” she blasted to the woman sitting next to her she shouted over the phone, “I’m having a bad day”. OK, to give her the benefit of the doubt this may only be a bad day. Adam reports making the deposit and scheduling the payment, so the Capital One debt of Ms. Fashion is paid. Dear kind readers: Please pause for a moment to imagine this coat. It is from North Face with several panels of different shades of gray with black on the back and underside of the arms. On top of the shoulders favoring the font of the jacket is a black and gray woven panel on each shoulder. The weave is wide enough to see the back mesh, which highlights the white squares that fills the mesh voids. On the left wrist is a three-digit number ending in 50, and on the right breast is a circular seal that appears indistinguishable from the US Presidential seal at first glance. These coats appeared in New York like the blizzard, and I asked the man across the isle and a seat up about the coat thinking it might be a uniform for an international competition. No, just Macy’s fashion. If you imagine this coat in enough detail, then I predict you, one of my kind readers, will understand why I made this observation. Sincerely, Tom Doody. I am still moving very slowly toward the Lincoln Tunnel. Good meeting with Adam in Soho. We enrolled new clients and settled debt during this holiday period. 2011 looks bright.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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