When Harry Met Sally

Rob Reiner played Meathead on All in the Family, and many years later he directed When Harry Met Sally. A decade or more after that there was a special feature produced with key people who created the movie. This special feature cold have been titled, “We produced something great, and we’re not finished talking about it”. My wife and I watched this special feature this week, and I note: The famous Meg Ryan orgasm was being under dramatized by Meg until Rob Reiner took the seat, and demonstrated what he wanted from the great actress. I imagine Rob Reiner sitting across from Billy Crystal producing his version of the target orgasm, and it was probably funnier than the very funny now-famous version by Meg, and what adds additional reinforcement to this moment that stands alone as a great moment in film is the identity of the woman who follow Meg’s climax with, “I’ll have what she’s having”: Rob Reiner’s mother. Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Bruno Kirby, and Carrie Fisher where the faces that gave us a movie to celebrate forever, and now this special addition gives me a warm feeling crediting one man for a foundational contribution: Meathead. Bravo Rob Reiner.

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