Mr. E. Europa, fair settlements

I am on the HBLR, Union City, New Jersey with my wife. We just moved to the end of the line, Tonelle Avenue, paused for a moment for the conductor to relocate to the leading end of the train, and soon we’ll pass our origination stop, Bergenline Avenue, headed for Hoboken, New Jersey. We understand this is one of the few trains running today in the New Jersey Transit system. HSBC sold debt to Main Street Acquisitions, and it is being collected by Stone Leigh Recovery, and our client, Mr. E. Europa, is the target of this collection activity. Anthony, a representative of Stone Leigh Recovery, called today and notified Adam they were rejecting the offer made by Adam and me on behalf of our client. We approached this creditor first, because of their notice of intent to sue, but if they don’t reverse this rejection, then they’ll seek a court judgment or not, but either way they get to the end of the line of this client’s nine creditors. The client is in step with Adam and me on this strategy, and I am eager to move on this client’s other creditors. The client does not have enough money to pay all of the creditors, so Adam and I have made professional estimates of fair offers, and these offers will be made to each creditor in a strategic order considering the risk of legal action, amount of debt, nuisance factor, and ease of access. Those creditor who accept quickly get a fair settlement and those who don’t risk being at the end of the line when the client’s savings are depleted. This is fun.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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