Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve and the last drops of my Cuban espresso from La Gran Via is on my Dunkin Donuts table, Union City, New Jersey, and soon my wife and I will take the many steps down from the Hudson River palisades to the HBLR and head for Manhattan via Path – oops how will we have time for groceries in our neighborhood? I talked to Brad Higginson in Minnesota, and he has no way of knowing how important our short phone call is to me, but since my extended family was my safety net during my recovery from the death of my late son, David, this extended family is important and he is married to my cousin Julie was Forhan now Higginson. Yes, we’re on HBLR, and Food Bazaar, West New York, New Jersey cooperates this Christmas Eve by staying open to 10:30 allowing us to get some fish for a Christmas meal. Jamie Oliver has a new book about cooking in America, and it’s a Jamie Oliver MO. He charms his way to intimate visits to family kitchens and restaurant kitchens and this book chronols America the way I see my country. Apple pie? Probably, but this American classic is eclipsed by the food and people of today’s America with white sauce, hummus, sushi, papusa, and flat bread. My quick glance through the book filled my head with images that made me wish I had toured with him — bravo Jamie Oliver. There is an extraordinary clock in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria. A product of a London company for the Chicago world’s fair in 1893, nine feet tall and several tons makes it significant in many ways. The eight side include the faces of Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, Harrison, Cleveland, and Franklin with Lady Liberty on the top and an eagle that could be the 3D version of the eagle on our US bills. The American theme of this clock dominates, but the eighth face is Queen Victoria. What were they thinking at the London clock company? Certainly there are other American men worthy of inclusion among these seven, but the eighth face went to Queen Victoria. I can imagine the debate in London designing the clock. “We have to include the Queen” and “The Queen does not belong on this clock to showcase in Chicago”, but in the end the Queen became the only woman included on this historic clock. Shabu Tatsu, Tenth Street, East, Manhattan, New York for dinner tonight. We did not return in time for Food Bazaar, so we wake on Christmas day to an empty frig. Merry Christmas, feliz Naviadad.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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