Merry Christmas Eve

Dinner at Yummy Yummy on Lexington Avenue near 56th Street, Manhattan, New York. Kosher vegetarian. I am in Jersey City, New Jersey at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, and I am a proud holder of a new New Jersey drivers license. Four of my relocations have resulted with a New Jersey residence, and I am sure this is my favorite state, and it feels good to hold a New Jersey license with current address. I surrendered my New York license, which expires next month. A fews clicks through wordpress last night landed my on a blog, “Being Sued By Kohn Law/Capital One”, which was my first visits to the blog of miltownkid, and I am still smiling. Among other things I found funny he writes, “I am not an attorney; If I were I would counsel myself not to write this stuff”, which applies to my, “real-time debt case study”, which begins today. My day went as planned including a new drivers license in Jersey City, New Jersey, a visit to City Sights office to let HR know I still want to sell tickets, and my first debt-case-study event – great day. Sr. RR is being sued by Chase, and Maura and Ja’Nae are doing a great job of holding their client’s hand, which is needed, because Sr. RR is in a panic. Somehow he extracted from the words of his attorney that he could win or lose the law suit, which is not correct. The court date only judges that the debt as valid, and since it is not in dispute, a judgment validating the debt is a foregone conclusion. I am off to meet my wife in a bookstore on Sixth Avenue near between Fourth Street and Ninth Street, and then to Tomoe Sushi, which is where we went on our first date. Tomoe Sushi had only one Japanese person behind the bar. Merry Christmas Eve.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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