I am on the F train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I just confirmed plans to meet Adam in the morning for a trip to Jamaica, Queens. We have another client with a business, like our Bronx shoe repair client. This woman has delinquent debt, and the ability to pay to a saving account. With more than nine creditors we should be able to settle her first account in about a month. Eric quit Sam Mike and Nuni’s tonight, I think. His first client was scheduled to fund today, but instead he denied ever talking to Eric or anyone in the business. I don’t know why these clients are wiggling away, but the experience is good for me, because I love taking calls from Indian telemarketers. I am now fully oriented to the wordpress blogging site, and I am happy with it. A large blogging site like wordpress is nice, because I can find others who are blogging about topics that interest me, and recent examples include: Basquiat and DADT. Adam and I confirmed an appointment with Kevin Dant for Thursday. As I suspected Adam understands this system better than me, and he is sure to give me an express course. If timing is right I’ll be able to ask productive questions, and get the most out of our time with Kevin. I plan to invite Kevin to attend my collector call demonstration, live and interactive. I’ll meet my wife after I print and cut my new chits, and we’ll go home together. casa dolche casa. Middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Licoln Tunnel, google search: Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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