travel nightmare — not

I am sitting on the 159 in a short one-way section of Bergenline Avenue where the traffic goes to a lane and a half. The half allows minimal passing if the vehicle being passed cooperates, and our bus just released park, and we’re rolling for the Lincoln Tunnel once again – slowly. Even before exchanging a sound with my wife this morning, I started a conversation with Kevin Dant. He has advance his thinking of Adam and me as a lead prospect, and I am glad, because I enjoy hearing from him. Although Adam and I are financially limited, we can influence enough prospective leads purchases, so Kevin has us on his radar. In addition to the personal pleasure of hearing from Kevin, I am very interested in understanding internet leads better, because Adam sees them as low value, I see them as medium, and Kevin is selling advanced systems to generate internet leads. In short, I want to reconcile these three value judgments, and call some of the leads myself. I wrote Mr. 50 Cent last night, and I don’t expect to hear from him. These facebook giants just can’t possibly sort through all of the stuff looking for each opportunity. I wish I would find a route to him or someone else with mob-style clicking. Maybe Packy Malley. Today should be the last day on my, “Garry Pollacki, Jdate” campaign (hook ups for Garry? NADA to date), and it will be replaced with, “collector calls, live and interactive”, which is the same reason I am soliciting Mr. 50 Cent. I’ll call the bus company tomorrow, which should get me a ticket sales job in the early weeks of 2011, which is about the same time my pedicab license should arrive giving me the Brooklyn CCC call center work with two new opportunities to begin the new year. Each of these three opportunities give me income and a compliment to the debt business. Happy New Year. Like today, I find a look passed Christmas and find myself thinking and planning with the new year in mind while I have given little thought to Christmas. I am at Au Bon Pain, PABT, Manhattan, New York, and I just finished a nice long warm conversation with Brian in San Diego. Storybooks are full of people born to wrong family, but this does not capture my story. I was born to the right family, but a tiny bit off target. The best target for me would have been the Twoheys. Oh well, in an extended sense we are one very big happy family. Four Indians are on this A Train to Brooklyn, and this small group is schlepping eight large bags, and I assume they are headed to JFK. The disproportionately large bags to these four relatively small small people on this very crowded standing-room-only train has my attention. It would make a funny youtube video to follow them through their trip. Speaking of travel, today’s news reports, “Travel Nightmares” in Europe, and I can think of no better example of exaggerated claims. Airports almost never run out of food and beverage, and travelers should have enough money for proper sustenance through even a loooong holiday delay, so this is not my idea of a nightmare. Surviving a wilderness crash in the snowy mountains and going undiscovered for months would surely justify, “travel nightmare”, but a weather-related holiday-travel delay in Europe – no. Middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel, google search: Tom Doody

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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