one two three

The combination of: ONE not properly anticipating the negative effect the Christmas holiday season has on the debt-management business TWO miscalculations of the entrepreneurial threesome in the Brooklyn call center THREE my excessive optimism leaves me without a plan for productive work until January – ouch. Ms. Macale TX enrolled in a local office after she enrolled with me, and she was kind enough to tell me the business she found, and take my call after research. I found our upfont fee made our initial costs higher, and cost and location made it clear Ms. Macale TX has made the best choice for herself. I am sure I lost several other clients under the same circumstances, and I am grateful to Ms. Macale TX for being kind enough to give me a second chance. Now I am in a crunch to find income until I resume debt work in January. Seasonal retail jobs are abundant, but most are filled, so finding the few that are open could take half of the time I am trying to fill.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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