family reunion

Dear kind Clevelanders with some connection to Peak ‘n Peak in 1981:  I just talked to Kevin Dant, and he reminded me of his temporary membership in the Doody family.  During the Winter of 1981/1982 a group of us had a family membership at Peak ‘n Peak ski resort in the southwest corner of New York.  From memory our family was: Tom (me) Doody, Kevin Doody, Jeff Doody, Mike Doody . . . . .  John Patton was and is a Doody family member in a practical sense, but he did not make this temporary Doody family membership, and I don’t remember why, but it must have been some mild version of Patton-family injustice, and with my eyes closed I can hear John complaining about the limits on him as if he were at my side . . . . , but I digress.  With this blog post I am calling for a family reunion, which may be impossible, because the late Joe Heller might have been in the 1981/1982 Doodys.  If you were a member of the 1981/1982 Doodys or you know who was, then please let Kevin Dant or me know, or click or post something someplace where we’ll see it.  Sincerely, Tom Doody

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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  1. Jeffrey Galvin says:

    Without a doubt the greatest winter of my life. More funny stories, more skiing, more houseguests than 17 year-olds were ever meant to entertain. The ski jump down the back yard onto the frozen lake. Mike (Doody) Maroon and his (failed) attempt to drive a Ford Bronco onto the lake. The night we had 22 people spend the night on any horizontal surface that would hold them (included my then 24 year old brother and a friend or two of his). Genesee beer, not that Cream Ale crap. Leaving Maroon taking a leak on the side of the highway in Pennsylvania while Conrad (another Doody) drove away with Joe (Doody) Heller and me. Give me a minute, I’ll think of more. I wish we had (and am sincerely thankful we didn’t have) more cameras back then. Those would be epic photos, but would surely sink any political aspirations we might have.


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