George Carlin

Adam had me listen to one of his favorite George Carlin performances. He edited it and put it on a chip, and gave it to me on a day we had a long underground train ride together to the end of the D line in the Bronx. Not that I would want to, but without cell phones to create a distraction, I had to watch it, and I am glad I did. George Carlin’s humor can be forgotten, but his foul language will never be forgotten, so now I have a fresh sample of George Carlin in my mind. On occasion people engage in arguments, me included, on what is and what is not a sport, and hearing George Carlin’s rules mocks people for having such an argument. After hearing Carlin on this subject, it is hard to imagine anyone attempting to make valid case for what is and what is not a sport, because it’s all ________ _______ (insert your favorite Carlin words here.)

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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