Capital One: good advice; bad decision

I am subterranean at near Times Square, Manhattan, NY waiting for the A train to Brooklyn. Time’s cover this week, “What Really Happened?” with text of 911, Powell resignation, and about thirty more headline mysteries. I plan to post at least part of the report in a podcast this weekend. The call center work for consumer credit counseling is proving to be fun for me. I love to win with persistence, and enrolling to an established non-profit (Member Service Provider) allows me to move people through enrollment with gentle persistence, and Sam and Mike pledge the support I need to build on the two to-date enrollments. The business Adam and I have the most heart for is Adam-and-Tom debt settlement. The name alone shows marketing genius has not been to work on this service, so we expect it to continue to grow through referral. Sr. Zapato in the Bronx, New York now has two receipts for payments accepted as full for debts that would have been perpetual nags to him without us. In a very short period of time, Adam negotiated winning settlements, and we completed the banking for Sr. Zapato who has no bank accounts. Our client is happy; we are pleased. Dina too. In a short blast last night before bed including one phone call this morning, I promoted my, “lost mortgage notes” podcast to the people who were mentioned in the Time Magazine report. The people quoted were lawyers and academics, so finding and inviting these people to my blog was easy. I am eager to see if it converts to traffic. Adam has a new creative idea to promote Adam and Tom debt settlement, that partially relies on a person linked to us. Again, Adam and I are eager to grow this portion of our business. Eric, the person representing the law firm that represents Capital One against our client, Ms. Fashion, declined her offer to pay 50% now. What is he thinking? The judgment, the delinquencies and the precedence from Chase and Citi makes acceptance of a 50% offer a no-brainer. Eric knows his client, Capital One, should accept the offer, but he is accepting his clients bad choice. In the end, if Capital One wants to hire someone with Eric’s competence and then insist on making bad decisions in the face of good advice there is nothing Eric can do, so the debt remains unsettled. Meanwhile, Ms. Fashion has reaffirmed her client relationship with Adam and me.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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